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My name is: Michelle, but most people call me Dark online.

My gender-pronouns are: They/them/their.

I am: 27 years old, a feminist, an atheist, an omnivore, and an ISFJ.

The Feminist: Intersectional, body positive, pro-choice, and sex positive.

My privileged identities include: Female assigned at birth (FAAB trans* privilege), white, able-bodied, allistic (?), and dyadic.

My non-privileged/oppressed identities include: Genderfluid, fat, Gray-A, neuroatypical, and queer.

I have: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Dermatophagia, Dermatillomania, and Dyscalculia.

I like: Pets & animals, animal welfare, pet care & pet care education, ~*SCIENCE!*~, anatomy & physiology, roleplaying, anime/manga, computer & video games, rock & metal music.



BBC News: OCD, bipolar, schizophrenic and the misuse of mental health terms


Terms like “bipolar”, “autistic” and “schizophrenic” are often used in jest to describe character traits. But how harmful is it to bandy the names of such conditions about?

Thanks to eller-hur for the heads up!

Read this. Everyone.

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    I wholeheartedly agree. Psychological OCD is not what people believe obsessions are. The term “obsession” is so misused.
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    I feel you need to remind fandom how the misuse of mental health terms is bad. I get so sick to my stomach over people...
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    Read this. Everyone.
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    As a person with a history if mental illness, it doesn’t really bother me unless it’s misinformed. For example, when...
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    This article is relevant to my career, peeps
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    Terms like “bipolar”, “autistic” and “schizophrenic” are often used in jest to describe character traits. But how...
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    I have to agree here. I’ve had friends misuse the term “bipolar” to describe boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends,...
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