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[My activism Tumblr can be found over at thatfeministqueer]

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My name is: Michelle, but most people call me Dark online.

My gender-pronouns are: They/them/their.

I am: 27 years old, a feminist, an atheist, an omnivore, and an ISFJ.

The Feminist: Intersectional, body positive, pro-choice, and sex positive.

My privileged identities include: Female assigned at birth (FAAB trans* privilege), white, able-bodied, allistic (?), and dyadic.

My non-privileged/oppressed identities include: Genderfluid, fat, Gray-A, neuroatypical, and queer.

I have: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Dermatophagia, Dermatillomania, and Dyscalculia.

I like: Pets & animals, animal welfare, pet care & pet care education, ~*SCIENCE!*~, anatomy & physiology, roleplaying, anime/manga, computer & video games, rock & metal music.




I don’t find your posts overwhelming! :3

I’m really glad! But some people are and I’ve lost one follower I really liked because they couldn’t keep up with their dashboard, and another person has expressed that they’re having difficulty as well. I think it also depends on how many people you’re following and how much those other people post. If you’re following a lot of other people or the other people you’re following also post a lot, you’re going to have a lot going on in your dashboard and it’ll be difficult to keep up with.

  1. sprackraptor said: It’s understandable. Just as long as you let us know what the other tumblr’s name is so we can follow that one too! ;)
  2. tranquilizersforthesoul said: Thanks for understandin’. <3
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