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[My activism Tumblr can be found over at thatfeministqueer]

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My name is: Michelle, but most people call me Dark online.

My gender-pronouns are: They/them/their.

I am: 27 years old, a feminist, an atheist, an omnivore, and an ISFJ.

The Feminist: Intersectional, body positive, pro-choice, and sex positive.

My privileged identities include: Female assigned at birth (FAAB trans* privilege), white, able-bodied, allistic (?), and dyadic.

My non-privileged/oppressed identities include: Genderfluid, fat, Gray-A, neuroatypical, and queer.

I have: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Dermatophagia, Dermatillomania, and Dyscalculia.

I like: Pets & animals, animal welfare, pet care & pet care education, ~*SCIENCE!*~, anatomy & physiology, roleplaying, anime/manga, computer & video games, rock & metal music.



Attention people insinuating President Obama had Andrew Breitbart offed because he “had college videos of Obama”:



Just read Dreams from My Father. Not only is the writing fantastic, the President is pretty damn upfront about the boozing and weed-smoking he did in college. Unless the video was of him secretly fronting Columbia’s College Republicans, no one in his base would have been phased by it.

also, folks insinuating that his death was anything more than it was, stop being so fucking racist.

People are saying this. Actually saying this?

I can’t.