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My name is: Michelle, but most people call me Dark online.

My gender-pronouns are: They/them/their.

I am: 27 years old, a feminist, an atheist, an omnivore, and an ISFJ.

The Feminist: Intersectional, body positive, pro-choice, and sex positive.

My privileged identities include: Female assigned at birth (FAAB trans* privilege), white, able-bodied, allistic (?), and dyadic.

My non-privileged/oppressed identities include: Genderfluid, fat, Gray-A, neuroatypical, and queer.

I have: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Dermatophagia, Dermatillomania, and Dyscalculia.

I like: Pets & animals, animal welfare, pet care & pet care education, ~*SCIENCE!*~, anatomy & physiology, roleplaying, anime/manga, computer & video games, rock & metal music.



Gay marriage would be forcing unwanted change on the nation, says Archbishop of Canterbury



The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has said that marriage should remain between opposite-sex couples - because anything else would be forcing unwanted change on the UK.

The comments came in a speech at a World Council of Churches gathering in Geneva, yesterday.

There, he told delegates that while anti-discrimination legislation was beneficial and necessary for protecting the vulnerable, it should not be used to cultivate cultural change. 

Specifically, he said that human rights laws “falls short of a legal charter to promote change in institutions.”

Adding: “If it is said that a failure to legalise assisted suicide – or same-sex marriage – perpetuates stigma or marginalisation for some people, the reply must be, I believe, that issues like stigma and marginalisation have to be addressed at the level of culture rather than law.”

He added human rights language could be “confused and artificial”, even becoming “an alien culture, pressing the imperatives of universal equality over all local custom and affinity.”

Critics say the comments – which follow Lord Carey’s assertion that gay marriage is wrong – were devised to slow British Prime Minister David Cameron from forging ahead with his promise to implement gay marriage.

However, Williams did argue that nations which actively persecute homosexuality are wrong and have “no justification”.

“Laws that criminalise certain kinds of sexual behaviour need the most careful scrutiny: legislation in this area is very definitely to do with the protection of the vulnerable from those with power to exploit and harm. Go beyond this, and the territory is a lot more slippery. 

“Many societies would now recognize that legal interference with some sorts of consensual sexual conduct can be both unworkable and open to appalling abuse. This concern for protection from violence and intimidation can be held without prejudging any moral question; religion and culture have their own arguments on these matters.”


1. There is more than one gender, so this ‘opposite-sex couples’ thing is bullshit

2. It’s not ‘gay marriage’, it’s ‘marriage’

3. Marriage shouldn’t be a fucking religious thing anyway, it should be purely legal and if the people getting married want to add religious shite to it, they can do it on their own time

4. If there is indeed ‘no justification’ for persecuting non-heterosexuals, why the fuck are you sitting there talking about continuing to block their human right to marry whomever they so choose?

5. Allowing people who currently cannot get married, to marry, will affect no-one but the people who want to get married. The Government is not striding into Churches, Mosques and Temples and forcing the religious representatives of such at gun point to marry people. It is simply bringing the human rights of the population to an equal standard across the board. The only damn reason people are fighting this is because they are scared of the shake-up to their world-views. Well, ever so sorry that your world-views are out of line with the rest of the damn world. 

6. Fuck you, sir. Fuck you.




This is a very, very large image, so click the link below and look at the whole thing. It’s sobering, and sums up precisely why I have a problem with religion. 
[TRIGGER WARNING for the image: all sorts of physical and mental abuse, more than half of it inflicted upon children - bigotry, misogyny, murder] 



This is a very, very large image, so click the link below and look at the whole thing. It’s sobering, and sums up precisely why I have a problem with religion. 



[TRIGGER WARNING for the image: all sorts of physical and mental abuse, more than half of it inflicted upon children - bigotry, misogyny, murder] 

Remove Military Requirement to Choose Religion


One of the first experiences for all military personnel is putting together their personal information, including a statement of their religious preference. All Presidential candidates, who would be the Commander in Chief of our military forces, must undergo a de-facto test to ensure they have strong Christian faith. While unconstitutional, this is the reality in practice. Our military has a strong cultural bias toward Christianity as well. This is mitigated by accommodations for religious freedom, but the the cultural bias is known. Especially within the disciplined, team environment of the military, there is strong pressure to conform with the majority.

There are at least two purposes for collecting demographics about religious preference in the military. The first is to have the preference printed on ID Tags to inform last rites and burial in combat situations. The second is to provide demographics information for use in providing chaplain and religious services. Knowing how many personnel desire a certain service, at the unit level and across the military, theoretically helps with funding of religious support activities, including facilities, chaplains, and chaplain materials.

These two options – religious rites and religious services – are entirely voluntary and at the discretion of the individual. The current assumption is that military personnel want whatever religious service is available. If an individual chooses not specify a religious preference, then they should be assumed to want no religious services.  In addition, the mandatory question, often asked in the first few days of military service, increases the pressure to conform (to the Christian majority). To avoid pressure and to confirm the voluntary nature of religious affiliation, the question should not be asked and the entry left blank until an individual requests a selection.

Continue to read, and find a link to the government petition at the above link.


Israeli rabbi pairs gays to lesbians |


Rabbi Arele Harel offers an unconventional solution for Orthodox Jewish gay men who want to raise a conventional family: He fixes them up with Orthodox lesbians. His matchmaking service, which has just gone online, has met criticism on opposing fronts. Orthodox Jewish rabbis say Harel should be doing more to encourage gays and lesbians to try to change their sexual orientation. Liberal religious gay groups see Harel’s approach as a ploy to suppress homosexuality.

The matchmaking presents an array of challenges. The relationship may be loveless. The partners may be tempted to seek sexual satisfaction outside the marriage. And the couple may need assistance to get pregnant. But Harel insists he just wants to help people have children, an important commandment of Jewish law.

There is so much wrong with this.